Pops Slept, She Followed: Time's Remedy

Infamous JeanClaude opens his new solo show this Sunday in Charlotte, NC at Blacksheep, where they've been holding it down since the very beginning. JeanClaude's work created for the "Pops Slept, She Followed: Time's Remedy" show is a reflection and processing of some heart wrenching events the artist endured this year.
"This solo exhibition is based around one major tradgegy followed by multiple events that challenged my discipline, strength, will, and focus this year so far. This body of work is broken down into mini series. These series represent the major events, giving each part of the show's title a distinctive representation. Thoughts of life, coping with death, what is love?, lust, learning, living, forgiveness, self investing, reviving from darkness, hustle, 'keep going' mentality, strength, and understanding are all elements explored in this multiple mini series exhibition."
As we've watched Infamous JeanClaude build his aesthetic, we have seen his work become filled with heavy symbolism and imagery. His NeoGlyph style often conveys optimistic ideas that tie into positive energy, focus, consciousness, sacred geometry, hip-hop, love, and creativity.

We're anticipating this show opening along with many others. Jah Freedom (OM Records) created a special beat tape to coincide with the art work for "Pops Slept, She Followed" that is available for free download. It's a perfect compliment to the art and assists the audience in feeling the vibe of the paintings and digital pieces. Click here to download the eight tracks (plus bonus iPhone backgrounds!).

Sunday, September 9, 2012
6:00pm - 11:00pm
1504 Camden Road
Charlotte, NC 28203

Works on display for the month of September.

"XXMII: Level Three" Photo Recap

"What's Really Going On: Shadow Light" Digital Media
On March 30, INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE debuted his latest body of work in a show titled "MMXII: Level Three." This was his first show in Nashville and was held at Love Is Earth lifestyle boutique. 

The vibe was great in the Love Is Earth Lounge and Kids Meal kept things lively all night on the turntables. Miyagi of Ziggurat Records was also in the house and dropped a live beat set.
We had a great turnout, thanks to everyone who came through and supported. Big up to all the young artists in the Nashville scene!

Here are some pix from the opening night:

"You Sure Love To Ball: Marvin" Digital Print

"Fantome de la Mer No. 2" Digital Print
"Fantome de la Mer No. 1" Digital Print

"Self and Thought" Acrylic on Canvas

"Malcolm" Acrylic on Canvas

"Thoughts From a Wanderer" Acrylic on Canvas
"Greet, Socialize, Exchange" Acrylic on Canvas

Miyagi on the MPC / Young Yeti Art Looking (photo: Creative Routine)

Flatbush Zombies Portraits

"Soul Vision"


Kids Meal on the Decks (photo: Creative Routine)

Infamous JeanClaude "MMXII: Level Three"

Infamous JeanClaude will be presenting his latest works in a show titled "MMXII: Level Three" at the end of this month at Love Is Earth boutique in Nashville, TN. This is his first show of 2012 and will be comprised of paintings and digital works.
"'MMXII: Level 3' is a show loosely based around speculations of 2012. These series of works are to explore fables, theories, stories on the ideas of the year 2012, my personal opinions, thoughts, and theories on the year, and its potential possibilities."
The show kicks off on Friday, March 30 at 6:00pm with an opening party where Infamous JeanClaude will be present. Ziggurat Records will also be in the shop rocking with us: MC Miyagi will be dropping a rare beat set, and Kids Meal will be making magic on those turntables as he is known to do!

"Flossed In Space"  Ziggurat Records Promo, Designed by Infamous JeanClaude
Big up Love Is Earth!  They are a crucial spot in downtown Nashville, stocking a nice selection of street wear brands plus their own label. They're holding down the local music scene, supporting artists, and creating conscious culture. Truly fresh! Join us in the boutique's downstairs art space as we kick off this well-suited show. If you miss the opening, make sure to swing through while the work is on display for the next month. 

Friday, March 30, 2012
6:00pm - 11:00pm
903 Church Street 
Nashville, TN  37203

Sunday Morning's First Friday

Sunday Morning LTD Edition Paper Craft Toy
For the First Friday of 2012, Sunday Morning joined us at Swagger in downtown Knoxville, TN to show his art and spin some of his tunes. DJ Wigs was also on the decks as our First Friday resident selector and mix master. Sunday Morning has been working on instrumentals for a few years, playing some shows around the Southeast and his homebase in South Carolina. Recently, he has been exploring other creative outlets such as painting, collage making, and even sewing.

 Sunday Morning Dropping Anthems
His open-to-interpretation symbolic collages are inspired by world culture and built with layers of vintage National Geographic clippings. It all started when Sunday Morning came up on an archive of Nat Geo issues and was inspired to make something from this treasure trove of fine photography. He doesn't start his pieces with a planned idea, rather working intuitively and realizing the meaning and stories weaved into the pieces after they are completed.



In addition to his collages, Sunday also brought up some particle boards he made into portraits of some familiar Adult Swim characters.

This was the first public showing of his work, and it brought out old and young art crawlers of Knoxville and other cities for the opening party at Swagger. People found the work interesting to dissect, and fun to look at. Prints of the works were available in limited numbers, and a few were sold old by the end of the night.

"Africa Phone Home"

"Secret Garden"
 And just to show us what he might have coming up next, there were some custom paper craft toys made for this show. Sunday Morning has future aspirations of crafting a vinyl toy series, and is currently experimenting with characters and classic cut-and-fold/paper doll style toys. His first round includes a mini-Sunday Morning rocking his silver mask and toting accessories such as his records, spray paint, and MPC.

Sunday Morning will be launching his brand new site, www.sundaymorninglovesyou.com this SUNDAY! Be on the lookout and stay up on his flavors.me site for links to his Bandcamp, Flickr, Blog, Youtube, etc.

BIG thank you  to DJ Wigs, Kaitlyn of Swagger, Tabitha, and Drew.

George Supporting LL as Always
"Feliz Navidad, Madre"

Joe T and Beauty

Mr. Weininger Mean Muggin'
Wigs, Sunday Morning, and Motley Friends

Fresh Prints!
Original Collages

DJ Wigs Checking Out The Paper Craft Toy Pieces

Road To Sweden Recap

Infamous JeanClaude in Stockholm
 Last September at our Road To Sweden Fundraiser Series in Brooklyn, we teamed up with Reconstvct, Bassfaced, TheLoveInUs, Cloud Instrumentals, and others to host some dope parties all in the name of Infamous JeanClaude. He had just booked his first International art show in Uppsala, Sweden and we were determined to help him be there in the flesh for this experience.

All events were held at a bar/Thai restaurant/music venue/art space/large-and-in-charge Bushwick building called The Morgan. The week-long series was a success, raising enough money to ensure that the JeanClaude art show was going down.

 A collection of Infamous JeanClaude's art was on display from September 22-29, and the schedule of events went like this:

Thursday, September 22: 

Manifestation's Destination Opening Party co-hosted by TheLoveInUs
Music from Obey City, Flatbush Zombies, and Illustrate.

 TheLoveInUs brings a lively crew and had support coming through from all corners of Brooklyn and even from Baltimore. Fun show...loud show...crude creative zealots spitting hot fire.

And now, we've seen all kinds of hype for the recently released "Thug Waffle" video from the The Flatbush Zombies. Everyone from Complex to The Fader to Lana Del Rey has something to say.

Big up Flatbush Zombies and Eric Arc Elliot! 

Segueing back...

Saturday, September 24 

Preconstrvct preparty event before Reconstrvct
DJ set from Neil Nice

Reconstrvct is bi-monthly bass music event in Brooklyn, instituted by some very passionate bassheads for the purpose of keeping the scene alive after Dub War NYC ("the first dubstep party in America") came to an end.

The Reconstrvct resurrection proved to be destined for greatness as people started pouring in early on the evening of September 24, in time to catch our Preconstrvct event held from 7:00-9:00pm in the basement of The Morgan. DJ Neil Nice of Turntable Lab NY was kind enough to come through and drop some foundational dub tunes, a proper intro for the ears and mind before a dubstep show! 

Neil Nice & bredren
Peeps that came out for Reonstrvct and Preconstrvct got a true treat, as there was also a massive collection of art shipped straight from the UK, all correlating with the roots of the bass music and dubstep scene.

This installation was titled "Sub Culture: Visions of Sound" and was displayed in the basement and upstairs art space along with Infamous JeanClaude's work.

portrait by Tunnidge

ashes57 and Zeke Clough

Joe Nice taking breather with the Infamous  JeanClaude pieces

Music from Joe Nice, Bun Zer0, Tunnidge, True Nature, and others lasted 'til the early morning. This event was a living experiment/showcase of the past, present, and future of music x art.

Joe Nice back in action

Thursday, September 29

 Cloud 9 closing party
Live set from Cloud Beats

For the last day of the Road To Sweden installation, we asked Cloud Beats to come in and play a live set with some instrumental creations. This made for a perfect environment to ease into, observe some art and chill out.

Cloud keeps on the low around Brooklyn, but he's letting himself be know in other ways. Tunes and videos drop steady on the web, while he twerks his record label, Machine Romantic and also plays in his band, Casiorossi. 


 Spazecraft and crew came through after an afternoon of painting their rooftop across the way in Bushwick. Good looking out from Soh Nup Ink!

Earlier that day

WOW. Quite a recap and quite a week we had up in Brooklyn last Fall. Pretty amazing how this helped build up to the "Soulful Madness" show in Sweden! Without all the folks who contributed in some way, whether in presence or creativity, this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you.

Gratitude Shoutout to:
Bassfaced, Reconstrvct, TheLoveInUs, Flatbush Zombies, Obey City, Flash Frequency, Illustrate, Cloud, Kaya, Bailey Carr, Neil Nice, The Morgan, Spazecraft, Joe Nice, Bad Pedestrian and Elm and Oak.

First Friday of 2012

"Lifted Lab"

We've got a special audio+visual showcase coming for the First Friday of 2012 with our guest artist and selector, Sunday Morning. Hailing from Columbia, SC, this dude has been making underground waves with his music blog, Chuuch, and recent crafty cuts. We're excited to see what he chooses to spin for us from his personal production archives and funky beat collection. 


"Ancient Cipher"

Sunday Morning has also been making some vintage style wheat paste pieces, which he will be bringing up to display for the month of January.  This will be the first showing of his art work ever, and we're stoked to be helping make that happen. 

Also, he just announced that he is working on 20 coloring books for the opening, which will make a nice lil' souvenir for y'all that come through! These coloring books also feature exclusive Sunday Morning x Lifted Lab paper craft toys.

So, it's official! Come on out, Knoxville...and celebrate the start of 2012 with some fresh sights and sounds! 

DJ Wigs will also be holding us down as always as the resident First Friday DJ- much love to you! Happy New Year to all!

First Friday with SUNDAY MORNING
32 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902
January 6, 2012
7pm - 11pm

Asheville Collaboration: Saturday

Manifest Collective is group of healing arts practitioners whom are reaching out to the Appalachian community through events that offer yoga, meditation workshops, massage therapy, live music, and more. Their goal of spreading a holistic awareness also includes showcasing art that expresses a sense of consciousness.  They have looked to Lifted Lab as their inspiration for accompanying installations at their events.

The latest event being hosted by Manifest Collective is titled “Hypno Yoga” and takes place this Saturday in Asheville, NC. Beginning at 9:00pm, there will be a yoga and meditation workshop focusing on connecting with the inner Self.  Lifted Lab will be featured in an installation of soulful art pieces to help participants visually identify various levels of awareness.

The installation will include paintings and prints from BIGFOOT, INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE, ZACH WIDGREN, BERK VISUAL, GRIFTER, Dalek, Sam Flores, Free Gums, TSL, Katy Smith, Andy Reed, and Stan Lee.

For the rest of the evening, there will be a show featuring local musicians Aligning Minds, Perileyes, Futexture, and This Is Art. 

We are very pleased to add that Mamma Chia will be sponsoring Lifted Lab again, and will be supplying their tasty organic chia seed beverages for FREE. Big thank you and lots of respect out to this company! 

"Hypno Yoga"
Saturday, November 5, 2011
8:00pm - 3:00am 
The Garage at Biltmore

These Funky Masks

Some lucky students at Bearden Middle School in Knoxville, TN have been learning about the different artists in Lifted Lab in their art classes. They've seen presentations about how Bigfoot, Infamous JeanClaude, Widgren, Grifter, Lifter Baron, and Berk have used their creativity to travel, make money, and collaborate with others.

This Fall, students have also been learning about different artists such as Kandinksy, Keith Haring, and Shepard Fairey thanks to their teacher, NYC-nativeMichael Weininger, who is obviously lacing these kids with some relevant, contemporary art knowledge.

 In addition to specific artists, the youngins got some lessons on how art reflects culture and how people in different places live. After getting some insight about how art can speak about any individual's personal experience and place in the world, they were given the assignment to create a mask out of layers of colored paper (à la mini AJ Fosiks) that represents a specific culture.
"Art students at BMS made these funky masks. They reflect various cultures all over the world. This is because we learned in class that many different cultures all over the world have masks of some sort. BMS has one of the most diverse student populations in East Tennessee, so perhaps the variety of influences in the masks reflects this.”
 For November’s First Friday, we will host an art show at Swagger in Market Square with a selection of the students’ masks. This art opening will be accompanied by a live music from DJ Wigs and refreshments. This event will give students the experience of exhibiting their work just as established artists do, interacting with their local community, and celebrating their creativity.

The art will remain on display until December 1, 2011.

November 4 - December 1, 2011
32 Market Square, Knoxville TN
Opening reception: Friday, November 4 from 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Dissecting Your Duality

Lifted Lab is all about promoting progressive creative arts, and recently has teamed up with ManiFest Collective, a group of women teaching and promoting the healing arts. They incorporate yoga, massage, reiki, sound therapy, aromatherapy, art therapy, mediation, and more while reaching out to communities in East TN and North Carolina to provide classes, work shops, and events inspired by holistic health and healing.

We collaborated earlier this year during Unity Healing Arts Festival, and now we meet again for an event titled, "Dissecting Your Duality."

Lifted Lab will be curating an art installation with black and white pieces that deal with topics such as: Positive vs. Negative States of Mind, Physical Existence as Both Particle and Wave, Dark vs. Light, Male vs. Female, Hermetic Philosophy, and Balancing of Dualistic Characteristics.

This installation will help further interpret and visualize the vibe of the workshop. Work from ZACHARY WIDGREN, Katy Smith, Stan Lee, Hedges, and GRIFTER will be shown in the installation, and there will also be a Lifted Lab merch booth to browse through.

Mamma Chia will also be sponsoring this event with bottles of their delicious, HEALTHY chia seed drinks for everyone to try for FREE.

This stuff is amazing and tastes like a jello drink. Chia seeds are an ancient super food that give you an instant mental and physical boost because they are full of antioxidants, vitamins, calcium, protein, fiber, and omegas. Please look into their site for more info.

We are so excited to have support from this honorable and conscious-minded company.

Dissecting Your Duality
October 7, 2011 at 9:00 PM
Galaxy Lounge
216 East Main Street, Johnson City, TN  379604
Tickets: $10 at the door

Brooklyn Closing Party!

Infamous JeanClaude "Fancy the Hate"

We have had a wonderful week-long exhibit so far in Brooklyn. We've got to thank THELOVEINUS for kicking it off nicely at the opening party last Thursday.

Flatbush Zombies performing at the 9/22 opening party

Saturday night was out of control with the RECONSTRVCT event- massive turn out and really lively party. The "Sub Culture: Visions of Sound" exhibition was a sensation with no exaggeration. This installation turned out to be quite large, taking up the entire top floor, and part of the basement, and was keeping eyes entertained all night long.

Getting organized

One of many dope photos from Ashes57

After Thursday, these pieces will be taken down, along with the "Infamous JeanClaude: Road to Sweden" show. Please make sure to email us or leave a message at the venue if want to purchase a piece, and if you've already paid, please contact us before next weekend to pick up your new art! 
So, we've got one final event for y'all.
This Thursday from 7:00-9:00pm, Cloud Instrumentals will be in the space performing a live set to celebrate the art and support Infamous JeanClaude, whom he has collaborated with him on a few albums covers.

Sluts & Saints, Cloud (2009)

Please come out and support Lifted Lab + Infamous JeanClaude! This will be the last chance to see the art before we take it back down South. Much love, Brooklyn!

Cloud 9 Closing Party
The Morgan
25 Bogart Street, Brooklyn
Thursday, September 29
7:00 - 9:00pm 
FREE (donations deeply appreciated) 
Facebook event pag

Sweden Fundaiser Series

If you missed the news, WE'RE GOING TO SWEDEN this December! We couldn't be more excited for Infamous JeanClaude and Lifted Lab's first international show, and we have put together a week-long art exhibition that is paired a line-up of dope music and art events in order to raise funds for our shipping and travel expenses. They will be taking place in Brooklyn starting this Thursday:

Thursday, September 24

"Manifestation's Destination" opening party with TheLoveInUs
TheLoveInUs is a Brooklyn-based music and art collective of which Infamous JeanClaude is creative director for. Live performances from Flatbush Zombies (with Erick Arc Elliot), Illustrate, and Obey City. 

7:00pm - 10:00pm
The Morgan 25 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
Free/Donations Welcome

Saturday, September 29

"PRECONSTRVCT" dub party with DJ Neil Nice. 
Neil Nice is a reggae head, local legend, and associate of Turntable Lab, Deadly Dragon Soundsystem, and Leditmix. Rumored VERY special guest appearance- Do not miss this! 

8:00pm - 10:00pm
The Morgan 25 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
$10 entry, includes Reconstrvct ticket

Our event is a pre-party for RECONSTRVCT, a bi-monthly bass music event in Brooklyn. They've got a nasty lineup that starts right after 10:00pm and will going all night. Prepare to be Bassfaced. 

Thursday, September 30

"Cloud 9" Closing party with Cloud Beats
Cloud Beats...the beat beast! This dude can kill it, and we are excited to see him do it live.  Infamous JeanClaude has designed four of his recent album covers. Join us for a chill final showing of "The Road To Sweden" art exhibition. 

7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Morgan 25 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
Free/Donations Welcome

 And finally...we will be having our official after-party in Manhattan at Le Poisson Rouge with Ital Tek,Braille, Dave Q, and Knomad. 

158 Bleeker Street NY, NY 11221

Come check us out on The Road To Sweden! Thanks, fam!

Bigfoot Greens The Secret Garden

Bigfoot recently teamed up with our friends at The Secret Garden Collective in Los Angeles, CA to bless their space with some serious mural work.

The Secret Garden is a co-op of Cali growers who strive to bring top notch medicinal marijuana strains to the patients of their dispensary. Being an advocate of all things green, it made sense for Bigfoot to adorn the spot with his magical verdure and characters. In just a few days, he was able to transform the building into its proper self. If you've got your 215 card, make it a point to stop in The Secret Garden and kick it with Bigfoot while puffing tuff on some of the best buds and headiest hash of the West Coast (all in the name of healing and elevated inspirations, of course). Scroll down to see all of the wonderful pictures!

The Secret Garden Collective
5616 1/2 Kester Ave
Los Angeles, CA 91411
Open daily from 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Namaste, and welcome to the Secret Garden. 

A rare moment. Bigfoot working on a computer. 

Who goes there?

The password is: "Go Green"

Healing vibez.  

LTD screen prints
Green team.

Bigfoot, the Watcher.

Smokin' MAD trees.

Boglin rolling station and all. 

Fellow creatures.


A special thanks to our photographer: Brooklyn-based beauty,
Bailey Carr.

Pay Attention: Your Weekend Agenda!

Hey Southeastern folks and friends, there are some cool events going on that you should make a priority this Friday and Saturday.

FRIDAY - August 19, 2011

Lifted Lab will be hosting a pop-up gallery shop inside of the CiderHouse in Knoxville, TN during the DNAEBEATS show. We will have a booth with art work, prints, tee shirts, jewelry, and more.

Artists contributing to the gallery shop:
Daniel Maw with Jarred Elrod (Drugtown)

112 Ramsey Street Knoxville, TN 37921
August 19, 2011 from 9:00 PM - 3:00 AM

In Charlotte, NC at Black Sheep, INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE will be debuting new works at the much anticipated "Two Eyes, Two Minds" solo show. Please peep our previous blog about this show to get more info.

"Two Eyes, Two Minds"
Opening: Friday, August 19, 2011 at 7:00 PM
1504 Camden Road, Suite 200 Charlotte, NC

SATURDAY, August 20th:

Fireproof Gallery in Knoxville, TN will be opening its third showing of "Black and White" with a warehouse-style dance party from musical guests TEAMS, Fine Peduncle, Persona La Ave, Walsh, and DOLPHYNRYDYR. Lifted Lab artist, ZACH WIDGREN has been working non-stop on this space, adding to and altering it each week. Check out pix from the previous show, and you'll see why you need to come by this weekend.

Saturday, August 20th from 10:00 PM - LATE
Fireproof Gallery
201 Randolph Street
Knoxville, TN 37917

HAPPY WEEKEND, Y'ALL! See ya around town...


We are very excited to announce the latest show from Infamous JeanClaude will be opening this Friday, August 19, at Black Sheep in Charlotte, NC. The artist explains the title for this show, "Two Eyes, Two Minds:"
"My works in "Two Eyes ,Two Minds" deal with the relationship between man and consciousness. My aim with this series is to forward and develop my ideas visually on observation, self building (self investing) and manifesting goals."

Since the conception and development of Lifted Lab, Infamous JeanClaude has shown a growing interest and awareness of Consciousness.  His earlier works reflect his observations of how others' motivations, insecurities, adoration, and so forth are communicated through emotion. As he continues to develop his artistic style and study of the mind, we've started to see more introspection. Over the past two years, Infamous JeanClaude has witnessed his pursuit of understanding and creative dedication manifest an abundance of intended opportunity, which continues to unfold each day.

Definitely make some time to drop in Black Sheep and explore the latest works from Infamous JeanClaude. He will be present for the opening night, and the art will remain up through September. 

"Two Eyes, Two Minds"
Opening: Friday, August 19, 2011 at 7:00 PM
1504 Camden Road, Suite 200 Charlotte, NC

Infamous Knoxville Recap

Friday, June 3rd, Infamous JeanClaude returned to Knoxville for his second time for the opening of his art show, "Brainstorm Under My 59/50," at Swagger in Market Square of Downtown Knoxville. First Friday June was a big night in Knoxville! We had lots of community support, and a nice hip-hop vibe that we were able to maintain (big thanks to DJ Wigs!), while outside in the Square a Bob Dylan Birthday Bash had brought out a lot of folks. Infamous JeanClaude displayed new pieces for the show that communicated his creative processing, inspirations, and motivations. All the art will remain in Swagger for the month of June, so swing through and check it out in person if you haven't done so yet!

Confidence Vs. Hate Vs. Inspiration  24" x 30" [$275]

Brainstorm Cubes 1' x1' [$90/pair]

30" x 40" Heartache Hustle Movement [$500]

After the show wrapped up at Swagger, we took a trip down to the Fireproof Gallery to meet up with Zachary Widgren for some late night inspiration. This was Infamous JeanClaude's first time touring the new gallery space, and he dropped some of his brainstorm signatures in the creative cluster...

See more pix of Fireproof Gallery and it's current installation, "Golden Doodle," in our previous entry...

Unity Fest Pix

Here are some pictures from Unity Healing Arts Festival that took place on June 4th in Johnson City, TN. Unity was held from 2:00PM - 3:00AM with a full schedule of yoga, dancing, food, music, meditation, and art therapy.  Lifted Lab artists Zachary Widgren, Berk Visual, Grifter, and Infamous JeanClaude were included in an art installation at the venue, in addition to Katy Smith, Amelia Sayle, Stephen Wells, Stan Lee and Rebecca Kaufman. The art pieces were used as part of the Art Therapy session, which invited attendants to create a piece of art using the medium of their choice. After starting their pieces, they were given information about how to interpret their creations through symbolism and color.

The art therapy allowed for a deeper understanding of ideas that come to us from the subconscious, and how they can help one cope, heal, express, understand, and connect to themSelf.

Unity attendees also got a chance to become inspired by the art brought in for the installation and interpret the different themes such as Human Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Knowledge, Motivation, Positivity, Nature, Street Life, Drugs, Family, Love, Mind Expansion, Duality, and Imagination.

 Stephen Wells and Zach Widgren (bottom three)
 Berk Visual, Stephen Wells, Grifter (clockwise)
 Katy Smith, Stan Lee
 Zach Widgren, Grifter, Infamous JeanClaude (right side, bottom 3)
  Infamous JeanClaude
 Stan Lee, Zach Widgren
 Stan Lee
Rebecca Kaufman

Infamous JeanClaude Returns to Knoxville

We are very excited to be bringing Infamous JeanClaude back for his second show in Knoxville, TN. Last time, we had a great turn out at Aisle 9 in the Old City...the cops even tried to shut our party down because there were so many people in the space (we won, though...). Come check out all NEW work this Friday, June 3, for First Friday at Swagger. DJ Wigs will be spinning some vinyl, Swagger will have some great sneaker deals going on, and there will be some dank refreshments as well. Infamous JeanClaude will be in the house for the opening! Stop in and say hello!

"Brainstorm Under My 59/50"
Opening Reception: Friday June 3, 2011 from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
32 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902

If you can't make it opening night for some reason, the art will be up on display and for sale all month long.

Unity Healing Arts Festival

This weekend during Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City, TN, Manifest Collective will be holding its own separate event at the Next Door, just a few blocks from downtown. Manifest Collective is a duo of yogis who teach free community yoga classes and donation based class series. They will be hosting Unity Yoga and Healing Arts Festival, an all day and night event that incorporates their yoga teachings, along with other regional healing art practitioners. Lifted Lab artists GRIFTER, INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE, BERK VISUAL, and ZACH WIDGREN will be included in an art installation inside the venue during this festival. Other regional visual artists that will be on display include Katy Smith, Amelia Sayle, Rebecca Kaufman, and Stephen Wells.

The full schedule of events for this day is listed here:

2:00- 2:30- Explore meditation with Marcie Bowdish 
3:00-4:00- Art therapy with Katie Pilgrm
(Vinyl DJ set during this hour performed by Tracy Scott Lucas)
4:00- 5:00- Vinyasa Yoga with Kim, owner of Shakti in the Moutains. Visit her at  www.shaktiinthemountains.c
5:00-6:00- Belly Dance Performance by Kim McLeod

6:30-8:00- Warrior Yoga with Sarah Gunnin
8:30-9:15- Ecstatic Dance with Manifest Collective
(With live DJ set from Katie Pilgrim)
9:20-9:40- Unity Circle, ending meditation
10:00 PM- 3:00 AM- LIVE MUSIC from The Messengers, Neck Brecka Society, Hykll, Crazy Horse and Holston, Dana and The Robots 

Unity Healing Arts Festival
The Next Door 
415 West Walnut Street Johnson City, TN 37604
2:00 PM - 3:00 AM
$7.00 Entry

Lifted Lab: Denver

Good New Year's Eve to all! This has been a wonderful year for everyone that is a part of Lifted Lab, and we have planted many seeds over the past few months. Thanks to all of our supporters and creative minds helping keep the movement elevated. 2011 is sure to be a strong an successful year in many ways.

We will be kicking off the First Friday of the new year in Denver, CO at Lucid Gallery with a show from BerkVisual and Infamous JeanClaude. "Weapons of Mass Production" will be opening on the 7th around 6:00 PM with both artists in-house, as well as guest DJs which are TBA. This is going to be a great show with lots of local love for Berk and will be a great introduction to the West for Infamous JeanClaude. We are so excited to unveil this dope dual installation and start 2011 off right!

"Weapons Of Mass Production"
Lucid Gallery
719 West 8th St. Denver, CO
January 7, 2011
6:00 - 'til LATE

Best wishes to everyone in this new year! And please stay tuned for many upcoming show announcements and collabo announcements...

peace/wisdom/positivity/blessings/smiles & CHEERS to 2011!

Lifted Lab Heads to Brooklyn

Friday, June 25th: BROOKLYN is the place to be!! We're putting together an art show at BeQu + dope after party at UltraViolet...not to be missed!


Lifted Lab presents:

Futurebeast  2030 A.D.
Artwork by:
Infamous JeanClaude (Lifted Lab, Charlotte)
Sean Fahie (Atlanta)
Thom Stevenson (NYC)

Opening reception with artists from 7:00 - 10:00 PM
227 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 


Follow up with us at UltraViolet for some live music from electronic producer Eliot Lipp, old school flavor meets post-Dilla instrumentals from local beat maker, CLOUD, and Erick Arc Elliot with some smooth food for thought on the mic. This is a very special treat and we are so happy to have these artists together in one spot!

Eliot Lipp (http://www.myspace.com/eliotlipp)
Cloud beats (http://www.myspace.com/cloudproductions)
Erick Arc Elliot (http://theloveinus.com/)