Bearden Middle School Sessions

For the 2011 - 2012 School Year, we had to privilege of working with some local middle school students in Knoxville, TN. Michael Weineinger, a native New Yorker, and now an art teacher at Bearden Middle School, has been teaching his students about contemporary art, street art, and graffiti. He invited us to BMS for some collaborative projects that proved to be valuable for all parties involved.

In Fall 2011, Lifted Lab gave presentations at Bearden Middle School to 6th and 7th grade art students about modern day artists. We talked about Bigfoot, Infamous JeanClaude, Grifter, Zach Widgren, Berk Visual, Lifter Baron, and other young creatives. Students got to see a powerpoint presentation about the work of these artists, and collaborative projects they produce. We explored the idea of making a career from art, and encouraged kids to follow their creativity. 

Students began working on a project about cultural diversity in September. They were given the assignment to create a mask from  layers of colored paper that represents a unique culture from another part of the world. After completing this project, a handful of the masks would be selected for an art show in downtown Knoxville hosted by Lifted Lab. The art show was titled "These Funky Masks" and took place in November of 2011.

In Spring of 2012, Lifted Lab returned to BMS for an evening themed around New York City. We set up a workshop table for kids, parents, grandparents to stop by and see art, prints, toys, apparel, books, and stickers by Lifted Lab artists and New York artists that we're inspired by. Kids learned about the origins of graffiti and how to practice bubble letters and hand styles. 

Shout out to Michael Weininger for the opportunity to put all of this together and big up to all the inspiring, talented kids following their creativity at BMS.

First Friday of 2012

"Lifted Lab"

We've got a special audio+visual showcase coming for the First Friday of 2012 with our guest artist and selector, Sunday Morning. Hailing from Columbia, SC, this dude has been making underground waves with his music blog, Chuuch, and recent crafty cuts. We're excited to see what he chooses to spin for us from his personal production archives and funky beat collection. 


"Ancient Cipher"

Sunday Morning has also been making some vintage style wheat paste pieces, which he will be bringing up to display for the month of January.  This will be the first showing of his art work ever, and we're stoked to be helping make that happen. 

Also, he just announced that he is working on 20 coloring books for the opening, which will make a nice lil' souvenir for y'all that come through! These coloring books also feature exclusive Sunday Morning x Lifted Lab paper craft toys.

So, it's official! Come on out, Knoxville...and celebrate the start of 2012 with some fresh sights and sounds! 

DJ Wigs will also be holding us down as always as the resident First Friday DJ- much love to you! Happy New Year to all!

First Friday with SUNDAY MORNING
32 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902
January 6, 2012
7pm - 11pm

These Funky Masks

Some lucky students at Bearden Middle School in Knoxville, TN have been learning about the different artists in Lifted Lab in their art classes. They've seen presentations about how Bigfoot, Infamous JeanClaude, Widgren, Grifter, Lifter Baron, and Berk have used their creativity to travel, make money, and collaborate with others.

This Fall, students have also been learning about different artists such as Kandinksy, Keith Haring, and Shepard Fairey thanks to their teacher, NYC-nativeMichael Weininger, who is obviously lacing these kids with some relevant, contemporary art knowledge.

 In addition to specific artists, the youngins got some lessons on how art reflects culture and how people in different places live. After getting some insight about how art can speak about any individual's personal experience and place in the world, they were given the assignment to create a mask out of layers of colored paper (à la mini AJ Fosiks) that represents a specific culture.
"Art students at BMS made these funky masks. They reflect various cultures all over the world. This is because we learned in class that many different cultures all over the world have masks of some sort. BMS has one of the most diverse student populations in East Tennessee, so perhaps the variety of influences in the masks reflects this.”
 For November’s First Friday, we will host an art show at Swagger in Market Square with a selection of the students’ masks. This art opening will be accompanied by a live music from DJ Wigs and refreshments. This event will give students the experience of exhibiting their work just as established artists do, interacting with their local community, and celebrating their creativity.

The art will remain on display until December 1, 2011.

November 4 - December 1, 2011
32 Market Square, Knoxville TN
Opening reception: Friday, November 4 from 6:30 - 9:00 PM

Infamous Knoxville Recap

Friday, June 3rd, Infamous JeanClaude returned to Knoxville for his second time for the opening of his art show, "Brainstorm Under My 59/50," at Swagger in Market Square of Downtown Knoxville. First Friday June was a big night in Knoxville! We had lots of community support, and a nice hip-hop vibe that we were able to maintain (big thanks to DJ Wigs!), while outside in the Square a Bob Dylan Birthday Bash had brought out a lot of folks. Infamous JeanClaude displayed new pieces for the show that communicated his creative processing, inspirations, and motivations. All the art will remain in Swagger for the month of June, so swing through and check it out in person if you haven't done so yet!

Confidence Vs. Hate Vs. Inspiration  24" x 30" [$275]

Brainstorm Cubes 1' x1' [$90/pair]

30" x 40" Heartache Hustle Movement [$500]

After the show wrapped up at Swagger, we took a trip down to the Fireproof Gallery to meet up with Zachary Widgren for some late night inspiration. This was Infamous JeanClaude's first time touring the new gallery space, and he dropped some of his brainstorm signatures in the creative cluster...

See more pix of Fireproof Gallery and it's current installation, "Golden Doodle," in our previous entry...

Infamous JeanClaude Returns to Knoxville

We are very excited to be bringing Infamous JeanClaude back for his second show in Knoxville, TN. Last time, we had a great turn out at Aisle 9 in the Old City...the cops even tried to shut our party down because there were so many people in the space (we won, though...). Come check out all NEW work this Friday, June 3, for First Friday at Swagger. DJ Wigs will be spinning some vinyl, Swagger will have some great sneaker deals going on, and there will be some dank refreshments as well. Infamous JeanClaude will be in the house for the opening! Stop in and say hello!

"Brainstorm Under My 59/50"
Opening Reception: Friday June 3, 2011 from 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
32 Market Square, Knoxville, TN 37902

If you can't make it opening night for some reason, the art will be up on display and for sale all month long.