Bigfoot: From Brooklyn to Bangkok

Tomorrow night in Brooklyn, NY there will be an opening reception for an art show called "From Brooklyn to Bangkok" featuring art from a handful of artists, including BIGFOOT. Roughly half of the artists come from Bangkok, and the other half from Brooklyn. After being on display at the art and collectible institution Zakka, the show will then travel to Bangkok, Thailand.

"From Brooklyn to Bangkok"
Friday, June 29th 
Zakka Corp.
155 Plymouth Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Ziggurat Records//FLOSSED IN SPACE Tour

Ziggurat Promo, Designed by Infamous JeanClaude

Lifted Lab aims to keep you visually stimulated, inspired, and awakened through the artists we promote. Our goal is also to boost conscious, PROGRESSIVE ideas as our worlds changes more rapidly, and remind you of your creative potential.
Your thoughts shape the world.

two MCs and a producer who come together to form the intergalactic super hero team that is Ziggurat Records. ZIGGURAT RECORDS is pushing a similar movement through their music, carrying themes such as: creation, science, metaphysics, the Cosmos, ancient societies, aliens, rebirth, good ol' fashioned hustling, and progress. 

Call it it conspiracy...or call it reality. Whatever you believe, after listening to Ziggurat's well-thought debut album, FLOSSED IN SPACE, you just might be pondering new possibilities. They've got a fresh blend of hip-hop and electronic music, and a powerful stage presence that could outshine their recorded material.

There couldn't be a more appropriate collaboration for their album art than with Lifted Lab's INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE. Ziggurat connected with JeanClaude in 2011 to begin working on ideas, resulting in designs for the Flossed In Space album, "Papaya Rap"single, "SWISHRRR" single, and Ziggurat promo stickers.

The word "ziggurat" comes from  ancient Mesopotamia, referring to the architects and builders who constructed rectangular stepped temples, similar to the Egyptian pyramids. Ziggurat Records represents the power to BUILD and CREATE.

Have a listen and free download of FLOSSED IN SPACE:

Ziggurat has organized their first tour which also includes major players, LORN and LUNICE. It kicks off this weekend in Atlanta and Brooklyn. Stay tuned for more announcements, and definitely don't miss out on the live shows! SWISH!
Big love to Ziggurat!

Saturday April 14, 2012
Terminal West at King Plow
887 Marietta Street Northwest  Atlanta, GA 30318

Sunday, April 15, 2012
Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street  Brooklyn, NY 11211

Road To Sweden Recap

Infamous JeanClaude in Stockholm
 Last September at our Road To Sweden Fundraiser Series in Brooklyn, we teamed up with Reconstvct, Bassfaced, TheLoveInUs, Cloud Instrumentals, and others to host some dope parties all in the name of Infamous JeanClaude. He had just booked his first International art show in Uppsala, Sweden and we were determined to help him be there in the flesh for this experience.

All events were held at a bar/Thai restaurant/music venue/art space/large-and-in-charge Bushwick building called The Morgan. The week-long series was a success, raising enough money to ensure that the JeanClaude art show was going down.

 A collection of Infamous JeanClaude's art was on display from September 22-29, and the schedule of events went like this:

Thursday, September 22: 

Manifestation's Destination Opening Party co-hosted by TheLoveInUs
Music from Obey City, Flatbush Zombies, and Illustrate.

 TheLoveInUs brings a lively crew and had support coming through from all corners of Brooklyn and even from Baltimore. Fun show...loud show...crude creative zealots spitting hot fire.

And now, we've seen all kinds of hype for the recently released "Thug Waffle" video from the The Flatbush Zombies. Everyone from Complex to The Fader to Lana Del Rey has something to say.

Big up Flatbush Zombies and Eric Arc Elliot! 

Segueing back...

Saturday, September 24 

Preconstrvct preparty event before Reconstrvct
DJ set from Neil Nice

Reconstrvct is bi-monthly bass music event in Brooklyn, instituted by some very passionate bassheads for the purpose of keeping the scene alive after Dub War NYC ("the first dubstep party in America") came to an end.

The Reconstrvct resurrection proved to be destined for greatness as people started pouring in early on the evening of September 24, in time to catch our Preconstrvct event held from 7:00-9:00pm in the basement of The Morgan. DJ Neil Nice of Turntable Lab NY was kind enough to come through and drop some foundational dub tunes, a proper intro for the ears and mind before a dubstep show! 

Neil Nice & bredren
Peeps that came out for Reonstrvct and Preconstrvct got a true treat, as there was also a massive collection of art shipped straight from the UK, all correlating with the roots of the bass music and dubstep scene.

This installation was titled "Sub Culture: Visions of Sound" and was displayed in the basement and upstairs art space along with Infamous JeanClaude's work.

portrait by Tunnidge

ashes57 and Zeke Clough

Joe Nice taking breather with the Infamous  JeanClaude pieces

Music from Joe Nice, Bun Zer0, Tunnidge, True Nature, and others lasted 'til the early morning. This event was a living experiment/showcase of the past, present, and future of music x art.

Joe Nice back in action

Thursday, September 29

 Cloud 9 closing party
Live set from Cloud Beats

For the last day of the Road To Sweden installation, we asked Cloud Beats to come in and play a live set with some instrumental creations. This made for a perfect environment to ease into, observe some art and chill out.

Cloud keeps on the low around Brooklyn, but he's letting himself be know in other ways. Tunes and videos drop steady on the web, while he twerks his record label, Machine Romantic and also plays in his band, Casiorossi. 


 Spazecraft and crew came through after an afternoon of painting their rooftop across the way in Bushwick. Good looking out from Soh Nup Ink!

Earlier that day

WOW. Quite a recap and quite a week we had up in Brooklyn last Fall. Pretty amazing how this helped build up to the "Soulful Madness" show in Sweden! Without all the folks who contributed in some way, whether in presence or creativity, this wouldn't have been possible. Thank you.

Gratitude Shoutout to:
Bassfaced, Reconstrvct, TheLoveInUs, Flatbush Zombies, Obey City, Flash Frequency, Illustrate, Cloud, Kaya, Bailey Carr, Neil Nice, The Morgan, Spazecraft, Joe Nice, Bad Pedestrian and Elm and Oak.

Brooklyn Closing Party!

Infamous JeanClaude "Fancy the Hate"

We have had a wonderful week-long exhibit so far in Brooklyn. We've got to thank THELOVEINUS for kicking it off nicely at the opening party last Thursday.

Flatbush Zombies performing at the 9/22 opening party

Saturday night was out of control with the RECONSTRVCT event- massive turn out and really lively party. The "Sub Culture: Visions of Sound" exhibition was a sensation with no exaggeration. This installation turned out to be quite large, taking up the entire top floor, and part of the basement, and was keeping eyes entertained all night long.

Getting organized

One of many dope photos from Ashes57

After Thursday, these pieces will be taken down, along with the "Infamous JeanClaude: Road to Sweden" show. Please make sure to email us or leave a message at the venue if want to purchase a piece, and if you've already paid, please contact us before next weekend to pick up your new art! 
So, we've got one final event for y'all.
This Thursday from 7:00-9:00pm, Cloud Instrumentals will be in the space performing a live set to celebrate the art and support Infamous JeanClaude, whom he has collaborated with him on a few albums covers.

Sluts & Saints, Cloud (2009)

Please come out and support Lifted Lab + Infamous JeanClaude! This will be the last chance to see the art before we take it back down South. Much love, Brooklyn!

Cloud 9 Closing Party
The Morgan
25 Bogart Street, Brooklyn
Thursday, September 29
7:00 - 9:00pm 
FREE (donations deeply appreciated) 
Facebook event pag

Sub Culture: Visions of Sound

We are very excited for our "Infamous JeanClaude: The Road To Sweden" exhibit to be shown in the same space as "Sub Culture: Visions of Sound," an art show from major players in the UK bass music scene. This exhibit will also be up from September 42-29 at The Morgan, with its big opening happening this Saturday before RECONSTRVCT.

Our opening reception from 8:00pm - 10:00pm is appropriately titled, "PRECONSTRVCT," and will feature the "Infamous JeanClaude: Road to Sweden" art works along with the massive "Sub Culture" installation, which totals close to 100 pieces. During the reception, we will have some foundational dub vibes being spun by DJ Neil Nice and also some free beverages from Heineken and Hennessy.

This will be a groundbreaking music+art event for NYC. Not only are some unique sub-genres of creative people collaborating, but this will be the first time that Ashes57, Zeke Clough, Georgina Cook, Shaun Bloodworth, and Tunnidge have exhibited in the US together.

Here's what you can look forward to:

 Ashes57 is a graphic artist who has lived and worked in the U.K., Canada and the United States. Her artistic career began in earnest in 2003 when she moved fromLondon to Montreal. Surrounded by the city’s large musical and artistic community, shewas able to focus exclusively on creative projects and developed her unique line drawing style and vector graphics.

Ashes spent the summer of 2005 working with Shepard Fairey in his Los Angeles design studio, where the richly creative atmosphere proved an enormous source of inspiration. She worked on a number of Obey exhibitions and street art projects in the following years and her photography documenting these experiences has been included in publications such as Arkitip and Supply and Demand - The Art of Shephard Fairey and has also been displayed at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. Later in 2005, Ashes moved to New York to work as the Art Director of COOL’EH Magazine, a role which combines her passions for illustration, graphic design and typography. 

As dubstep first made it’s way to NYC, she soon became an important part of this exciting new musical scene through the flyers and posters she produced for the legendary Dub War parties. When Ashes returned to London in 2008, she joined forces with some of the most influential and prominent producers and labels in the scene and her illustrations and designs have since graced labels including Deep Medi, Swamp 81 and DMZ. This helped to bring her art to the attention of the Wu-Tang Clan who invited Ashes to illustrate the cover of their 2009 album, Enter the Dubstep.

In the past year, she has worked on the "Future Me" TV series for MTV and designed board graphics for Palmer Snowboards, whilst helping to run Cool’eh magazine and keeping up the prolific output of her own artwork. Towards the end of 2009, she co--founded LAVA Collective, using her wealth of contacts from the worlds of visual art and music to program and curate multimedia events in London.

The artist for Skull Disco and Woe to the Septic Heart, Zeke Clough has also produced artwork for other labels including Warp Records, Mordant Music and Honest Jon's. Earlier this year he toured Japan, where he did live drawing for Dommune TV channel, collaborated with the designer Ryujiro Tamaki and the Impossible Project on a clothing collection, multimedia events and product design. He regularly designs logos and has toured throughout Europe with his artwork and music. In August of 2011, he was one of 10 guest artists selected for the Resident Advisor X 10 year anniversary celebrations and he produced the New York City limited edition poster. He has plans to work with Jamie Russell on the Sneaker Social Club Label and Chicago based band, 'Winter’s in Osaka' later in the year.

Georgina Cook is known primarily for her music photography but also for her use of gritty urban street elements as the subtext to what she documents. Initially an ode to her native South London and the dark rooms and cavernous bass lines that extend from it to the rest of the world, Georgina promotes and nurtures the music and expression of her contemporaries via her influential blog and associated events. Her work is published and exhibited nationally and internationally and can be found in the artwork of such releases as Burial's Untrue and Souljazz's Steppa's Delight. Georgina is currently based in Paris where she continues to document the people and environment around her.

Tunnidge needs little introduction: one of the few producers to have two releases on the seminal Deep Medi imprint, the first to be signed to Chestplate Records following Distance's expansion of the label and co-owner of Origin Audio alongside Cyrus. With regular appearances on "Get Darker" as well a full and busy bookings schedule - which will take him to the States this Autumn - Tunnidge is somewhat of a looming figure on the Dubstep scene. Able to build both powerful, tear-out tunes popular in the club environment as well as darker, more contemplative production, his beats often tread the surprisingly fine line between Jump-up and deep relaying a real sense of momentum to any listener. As well as through his production and as a touring DJ, he made his first impression on the scene with his distinctive and iconic portraits for Mala's Deep Medi label.


Shaun Bloodworth started his journey into electronic music when he bought Computer World by Kraftwerk on a school trip to Germany in 1981. After a long career as an editorial Photographer in the 90s, a returned favor for design company GiveUpArt led him to the legendary London club FWD>> where from 2005 he began to document the burgeoning UK bass scene. Since then he has collaborated with GUA on nearly all of Tempa's releases, traveled to LA to document Low End Theory's DJs and Producers and released the compilation NSEW with Bleep. Currently Bloodworth is working on new sets of portraits in the UK, touring an exhibition and making short music videos for two well known artists.

"Sub Culture: Visions of Sound"
September 24-29, 2011
The Morgan
25 Bogart Street
Brooklyn, NY 11206
Opening reception: Saturday, September 24 at 8:00 PM

Sweden Fundaiser Series

If you missed the news, WE'RE GOING TO SWEDEN this December! We couldn't be more excited for Infamous JeanClaude and Lifted Lab's first international show, and we have put together a week-long art exhibition that is paired a line-up of dope music and art events in order to raise funds for our shipping and travel expenses. They will be taking place in Brooklyn starting this Thursday:

Thursday, September 24

"Manifestation's Destination" opening party with TheLoveInUs
TheLoveInUs is a Brooklyn-based music and art collective of which Infamous JeanClaude is creative director for. Live performances from Flatbush Zombies (with Erick Arc Elliot), Illustrate, and Obey City. 

7:00pm - 10:00pm
The Morgan 25 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
Free/Donations Welcome

Saturday, September 29

"PRECONSTRVCT" dub party with DJ Neil Nice. 
Neil Nice is a reggae head, local legend, and associate of Turntable Lab, Deadly Dragon Soundsystem, and Leditmix. Rumored VERY special guest appearance- Do not miss this! 

8:00pm - 10:00pm
The Morgan 25 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
$10 entry, includes Reconstrvct ticket

Our event is a pre-party for RECONSTRVCT, a bi-monthly bass music event in Brooklyn. They've got a nasty lineup that starts right after 10:00pm and will going all night. Prepare to be Bassfaced. 

Thursday, September 30

"Cloud 9" Closing party with Cloud Beats
Cloud Beats...the beat beast! This dude can kill it, and we are excited to see him do it live.  Infamous JeanClaude has designed four of his recent album covers. Join us for a chill final showing of "The Road To Sweden" art exhibition. 

7:00pm - 9:00pm
The Morgan 25 Bogart Street Brooklyn, NY 11206
Free/Donations Welcome

 And finally...we will be having our official after-party in Manhattan at Le Poisson Rouge with Ital Tek,Braille, Dave Q, and Knomad. 

158 Bleeker Street NY, NY 11221

Come check us out on The Road To Sweden! Thanks, fam!

Lifted Lab Heads to Brooklyn

Friday, June 25th: BROOKLYN is the place to be!! We're putting together an art show at BeQu + dope after party at UltraViolet...not to be missed!


Lifted Lab presents:

Futurebeast  2030 A.D.
Artwork by:
Infamous JeanClaude (Lifted Lab, Charlotte)
Sean Fahie (Atlanta)
Thom Stevenson (NYC)

Opening reception with artists from 7:00 - 10:00 PM
227 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 


Follow up with us at UltraViolet for some live music from electronic producer Eliot Lipp, old school flavor meets post-Dilla instrumentals from local beat maker, CLOUD, and Erick Arc Elliot with some smooth food for thought on the mic. This is a very special treat and we are so happy to have these artists together in one spot!

Eliot Lipp (
Cloud beats (
Erick Arc Elliot (

Bigfoot Show @ Mishka Flagship Store

"Sick and Tired of Human Race" will have its opening reception on September 10 and will be open to the public for the next six weeks at the flagship Mishka store in Brooklyn. If you are in the BK area, make sure to check it out, or if you got some fam up in BK, make sure to spread the word.

350 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY

J/M/Z to Marcy Ave.
G to Broadway
L to Lorimer