Unity Fest Pix

Here are some pictures from Unity Healing Arts Festival that took place on June 4th in Johnson City, TN. Unity was held from 2:00PM - 3:00AM with a full schedule of yoga, dancing, food, music, meditation, and art therapy.  Lifted Lab artists Zachary Widgren, Berk Visual, Grifter, and Infamous JeanClaude were included in an art installation at the venue, in addition to Katy Smith, Amelia Sayle, Stephen Wells, Stan Lee and Rebecca Kaufman. The art pieces were used as part of the Art Therapy session, which invited attendants to create a piece of art using the medium of their choice. After starting their pieces, they were given information about how to interpret their creations through symbolism and color.

The art therapy allowed for a deeper understanding of ideas that come to us from the subconscious, and how they can help one cope, heal, express, understand, and connect to themSelf.

Unity attendees also got a chance to become inspired by the art brought in for the installation and interpret the different themes such as Human Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Knowledge, Motivation, Positivity, Nature, Street Life, Drugs, Family, Love, Mind Expansion, Duality, and Imagination.

 Stephen Wells and Zach Widgren (bottom three)
 Berk Visual, Stephen Wells, Grifter (clockwise)
 Katy Smith, Stan Lee
 Zach Widgren, Grifter, Infamous JeanClaude (right side, bottom 3)
  Infamous JeanClaude
 Stan Lee, Zach Widgren
 Stan Lee
Rebecca Kaufman

Unity Healing Arts Festival

This weekend during Blue Plum Festival in Johnson City, TN, Manifest Collective will be holding its own separate event at the Next Door, just a few blocks from downtown. Manifest Collective is a duo of yogis who teach free community yoga classes and donation based class series. They will be hosting Unity Yoga and Healing Arts Festival, an all day and night event that incorporates their yoga teachings, along with other regional healing art practitioners. Lifted Lab artists GRIFTER, INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE, BERK VISUAL, and ZACH WIDGREN will be included in an art installation inside the venue during this festival. Other regional visual artists that will be on display include Katy Smith, Amelia Sayle, Rebecca Kaufman, and Stephen Wells.

The full schedule of events for this day is listed here:

2:00- 2:30- Explore meditation with Marcie Bowdish 
3:00-4:00- Art therapy with Katie Pilgrm
(Vinyl DJ set during this hour performed by Tracy Scott Lucas)
4:00- 5:00- Vinyasa Yoga with Kim, owner of Shakti in the Moutains. Visit her at  www.shaktiinthemountains.c
5:00-6:00- Belly Dance Performance by Kim McLeod

6:30-8:00- Warrior Yoga with Sarah Gunnin
8:30-9:15- Ecstatic Dance with Manifest Collective
(With live DJ set from Katie Pilgrim)
9:20-9:40- Unity Circle, ending meditation
10:00 PM- 3:00 AM- LIVE MUSIC from The Messengers, Neck Brecka Society, Hykll, Crazy Horse and Holston, Dana and The Robots 

Unity Healing Arts Festival
The Next Door 
415 West Walnut Street Johnson City, TN 37604
2:00 PM - 3:00 AM
$7.00 Entry