Bearden Middle School Sessions

For the 2011 - 2012 School Year, we had to privilege of working with some local middle school students in Knoxville, TN. Michael Weineinger, a native New Yorker, and now an art teacher at Bearden Middle School, has been teaching his students about contemporary art, street art, and graffiti. He invited us to BMS for some collaborative projects that proved to be valuable for all parties involved.

In Fall 2011, Lifted Lab gave presentations at Bearden Middle School to 6th and 7th grade art students about modern day artists. We talked about Bigfoot, Infamous JeanClaude, Grifter, Zach Widgren, Berk Visual, Lifter Baron, and other young creatives. Students got to see a powerpoint presentation about the work of these artists, and collaborative projects they produce. We explored the idea of making a career from art, and encouraged kids to follow their creativity. 

Students began working on a project about cultural diversity in September. They were given the assignment to create a mask from  layers of colored paper that represents a unique culture from another part of the world. After completing this project, a handful of the masks would be selected for an art show in downtown Knoxville hosted by Lifted Lab. The art show was titled "These Funky Masks" and took place in November of 2011.

In Spring of 2012, Lifted Lab returned to BMS for an evening themed around New York City. We set up a workshop table for kids, parents, grandparents to stop by and see art, prints, toys, apparel, books, and stickers by Lifted Lab artists and New York artists that we're inspired by. Kids learned about the origins of graffiti and how to practice bubble letters and hand styles. 

Shout out to Michael Weininger for the opportunity to put all of this together and big up to all the inspiring, talented kids following their creativity at BMS.

Berk Visual Collab For Bid

For June's First Friday in Fort Collins, CO, BERK VISUAL participated in a group show called "Grinders Hold The Beef" at The Luscious Nectar with local artists, Page of Gumba Crew and Scotty Roebuck. The three artists had a collection of paintings on display and collaborated on a live painting during the show.

The painting is up for big online until July 1. You can make a bid by posting directly on this Facebook post. 

Asheville Collaboration: Saturday

Manifest Collective is group of healing arts practitioners whom are reaching out to the Appalachian community through events that offer yoga, meditation workshops, massage therapy, live music, and more. Their goal of spreading a holistic awareness also includes showcasing art that expresses a sense of consciousness.  They have looked to Lifted Lab as their inspiration for accompanying installations at their events.

The latest event being hosted by Manifest Collective is titled “Hypno Yoga” and takes place this Saturday in Asheville, NC. Beginning at 9:00pm, there will be a yoga and meditation workshop focusing on connecting with the inner Self.  Lifted Lab will be featured in an installation of soulful art pieces to help participants visually identify various levels of awareness.

The installation will include paintings and prints from BIGFOOT, INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE, ZACH WIDGREN, BERK VISUAL, GRIFTER, Dalek, Sam Flores, Free Gums, TSL, Katy Smith, Andy Reed, and Stan Lee.

For the rest of the evening, there will be a show featuring local musicians Aligning Minds, Perileyes, Futexture, and This Is Art. 

We are very pleased to add that Mamma Chia will be sponsoring Lifted Lab again, and will be supplying their tasty organic chia seed beverages for FREE. Big thank you and lots of respect out to this company! 

"Hypno Yoga"
Saturday, November 5, 2011
8:00pm - 3:00am 
The Garage at Biltmore

Dissecting Your Duality

Lifted Lab is all about promoting progressive creative arts, and recently has teamed up with ManiFest Collective, a group of women teaching and promoting the healing arts. They incorporate yoga, massage, reiki, sound therapy, aromatherapy, art therapy, mediation, and more while reaching out to communities in East TN and North Carolina to provide classes, work shops, and events inspired by holistic health and healing.

We collaborated earlier this year during Unity Healing Arts Festival, and now we meet again for an event titled, "Dissecting Your Duality."

Lifted Lab will be curating an art installation with black and white pieces that deal with topics such as: Positive vs. Negative States of Mind, Physical Existence as Both Particle and Wave, Dark vs. Light, Male vs. Female, Hermetic Philosophy, and Balancing of Dualistic Characteristics.

This installation will help further interpret and visualize the vibe of the workshop. Work from ZACHARY WIDGREN, Katy Smith, Stan Lee, Hedges, and GRIFTER will be shown in the installation, and there will also be a Lifted Lab merch booth to browse through.

Mamma Chia will also be sponsoring this event with bottles of their delicious, HEALTHY chia seed drinks for everyone to try for FREE.

This stuff is amazing and tastes like a jello drink. Chia seeds are an ancient super food that give you an instant mental and physical boost because they are full of antioxidants, vitamins, calcium, protein, fiber, and omegas. Please look into their site for more info.

We are so excited to have support from this honorable and conscious-minded company.

Dissecting Your Duality
October 7, 2011 at 9:00 PM
Galaxy Lounge
216 East Main Street, Johnson City, TN  379604
Tickets: $10 at the door

BerkVisual at Art Crank

BERKVISUAL will be a part of this year's ArtCrank's 2011 event in Denver, CO this weekend.

"ARTCRANK uses creativity to change how people look at and think about bicycles, and grow the cycling community. is a show of bicycle-inspired poster artwork that introduces people to talented local artists and sends them home with affordable, original works of art. Every ARTCRANK show features posters created by local artists from the host city. Admission is always free, and posters are priced to let everybody take home at least one."

Berk has been working on a dope owl-cycle print for this show.Come out and support BerkVisual and other local artists who are contributing designs. There will also be drinks, music, film, and more over at the Friday through Saturday event.

Friday, September 2: Opening Night Party
• Hours: 6:00pm – 11:00pm
• Bike parking courtesy of Bike Denver
• Beer & ARTCRANK Pint Glasses provided by Widmer Brothers Brewing
• Short Film “Wreck LESS Abandon” and Bike-Inspired Fashions by Maison de Rose: Hair & Make-up by Rebelle by Tootsies.
• DJ set by Chavez y Chavez

Saturday, September 3: Family Friendly Day
• Hours: Noon – 6:00pm
• Fun Bike Photo Booth by Sara Ford
• DJ set The Postman

Please visit for full details. 

BerkVisual Painting Kanrocksas

Kanrocksas music fest kicks off this weekend in Kansas City with A Perfect Circle, The Black Keys, Eminem, The Flaming Lips, STS9, Bassnectar, Major Lazer, and many others on the line-up. The festival will also host a list of visual artists to paint live and contribute to mural space. Our own BERKVISUAL will be there keeping things raw, so keep an eye out for this guy while he paints live with STS9 and Paper Diamond. 

Elm & Oak: PIX

Welcome to Elm & Oak! We've finally got some pics for you of the new Elm &Oak storefront in Boulder, CO. Since the official opening on May 5, EnO has been settling into their brand boutique/gallery/design studio quite well. Lifted Lab crew - BERKVISUAL, LIFTER BARON, and INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE all up in this place!  

It's not only a hub for art and design- Elm &Oak Records is also happening here daily with Alex B brainstorming the latest for the label and doing live edits. To celebrate, The Gaslamp Killer, Eliot Lipp, and others have been dropping in for some live DJ sets as well.  

The old Cypher 13 spot ----> transformed now into Elm & Oak

Art on the walls by BerkVisual

Elm & Oak clothing - designed by Lifter Baron, BerkVisual, and Alex B

Infamous JeanClaude installation as you walk into the shop

Back studio

Drop by and say hello to the EnO crew! They are open and grinding daily. 

Elm and Oak

Unity Fest Pix

Here are some pictures from Unity Healing Arts Festival that took place on June 4th in Johnson City, TN. Unity was held from 2:00PM - 3:00AM with a full schedule of yoga, dancing, food, music, meditation, and art therapy.  Lifted Lab artists Zachary Widgren, Berk Visual, Grifter, and Infamous JeanClaude were included in an art installation at the venue, in addition to Katy Smith, Amelia Sayle, Stephen Wells, Stan Lee and Rebecca Kaufman. The art pieces were used as part of the Art Therapy session, which invited attendants to create a piece of art using the medium of their choice. After starting their pieces, they were given information about how to interpret their creations through symbolism and color.

The art therapy allowed for a deeper understanding of ideas that come to us from the subconscious, and how they can help one cope, heal, express, understand, and connect to themSelf.

Unity attendees also got a chance to become inspired by the art brought in for the installation and interpret the different themes such as Human Consciousness, Sacred Geometry, Knowledge, Motivation, Positivity, Nature, Street Life, Drugs, Family, Love, Mind Expansion, Duality, and Imagination.

 Stephen Wells and Zach Widgren (bottom three)
 Berk Visual, Stephen Wells, Grifter (clockwise)
 Katy Smith, Stan Lee
 Zach Widgren, Grifter, Infamous JeanClaude (right side, bottom 3)
  Infamous JeanClaude
 Stan Lee, Zach Widgren
 Stan Lee
Rebecca Kaufman

Elm & Oak Store Opening

We are so excited for our friends in Boulder to be opening up their brand new store front. Elm and Oak is a design firm/record label/clothing line started by BerkVisual and Alex B. The space, previously occupied by Cypher 13, will function as a store and a design studio for EnO. New shirts, tanks, pillows, and more will be debuted for the Summer 2011 line this week. Swing through for the grand opening this Thursday to celebrate with the CO crew. Local DJs will be rocking, drinks will be pouring, and the walls will be lined with art from Berk and Infamous JeanClaude. Big ups, Berk and Alex!!

Lifted Lab: Denver

Good New Year's Eve to all! This has been a wonderful year for everyone that is a part of Lifted Lab, and we have planted many seeds over the past few months. Thanks to all of our supporters and creative minds helping keep the movement elevated. 2011 is sure to be a strong an successful year in many ways.

We will be kicking off the First Friday of the new year in Denver, CO at Lucid Gallery with a show from BerkVisual and Infamous JeanClaude. "Weapons of Mass Production" will be opening on the 7th around 6:00 PM with both artists in-house, as well as guest DJs which are TBA. This is going to be a great show with lots of local love for Berk and will be a great introduction to the West for Infamous JeanClaude. We are so excited to unveil this dope dual installation and start 2011 off right!

"Weapons Of Mass Production"
Lucid Gallery
719 West 8th St. Denver, CO
January 7, 2011
6:00 - 'til LATE

Best wishes to everyone in this new year! And please stay tuned for many upcoming show announcements and collabo announcements...

peace/wisdom/positivity/blessings/smiles & CHEERS to 2011!

BerkVisual Painting Live @ Re:Creation in Denver

Re:Creation is the three-day series of afterparties for the Sound Tribe Sector 9 New Years run in Denver, CO. The parties will be featuring live music from Madlib, Starkey, Flying Lotus, Tipper, The Glitch Mob, Mimosa, Ras G, and more, and will be accompanied each night with live painting from several visual artists, including BerkVisual. Stupid wild, super stupid wild....

BerkVisual in the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia

Until January 3, Berk will have an exhibition featured in the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia alongside local artist, Davmo, and others. The exhibit is titled "Davmo and the Young Guns," and will showcase a nice blend of some of the thousands of Davmo's street/music/skate/surf/history inspired pieces, as well as the new "young gun" generation's recreation and evolution of this style. CACV is located in Virginia Beach. 

Here's a sneak peak of what Berk has been putting together:

Berk Visual Art Exhibit from Markus Fussell on Vimeo.