Lifted Lab Heads to Brooklyn

Friday, June 25th: BROOKLYN is the place to be!! We're putting together an art show at BeQu + dope after party at UltraViolet...not to be missed!


Lifted Lab presents:

Futurebeast  2030 A.D.
Artwork by:
Infamous JeanClaude (Lifted Lab, Charlotte)
Sean Fahie (Atlanta)
Thom Stevenson (NYC)

Opening reception with artists from 7:00 - 10:00 PM
227 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231 


Follow up with us at UltraViolet for some live music from electronic producer Eliot Lipp, old school flavor meets post-Dilla instrumentals from local beat maker, CLOUD, and Erick Arc Elliot with some smooth food for thought on the mic. This is a very special treat and we are so happy to have these artists together in one spot!

Eliot Lipp (
Cloud beats (
Erick Arc Elliot (


If you are in the Atlanta area this weekend, don't miss this small group show at Aurora Coffee Shop in Little Five Points. "The Wonderful World Of" will feature art from Infamous JeanClaude, Sean Fahie, and other artists from the Southeast.

"An art show that presents the world as it is from an artist perspective. What's the point you may ask? well because we live in a wonderful world full of different points of views, some we may or may not agree with. But instead of basing you judgments on what you've heard on CNN or Fox news or any "reputable/creditable" news source we would want to inform the viewer in getting to know an individual first, you can come to a more informed idea of who that person is, what truly represents them, and how that effects how they see others. With that being said. Each artist involved in the show is giving their view of what their wonderful world represents."