Holladaze: Re-Opened

Brand-new art space, Fireproof Gallery, is located right next to the Old City in downtown Knoxville and had its first opening at this beginning of this month with a group show titled "Holladaze," which features work from Zach Widgren, Preston Proffitt, Katy Smith, Gribble, and other local visual artists.

It will be re-opened one last time beginning at 7:00 PM tonight, so make sure you don't miss out. The space is huge and filled with dope installations - including a quarter pipe built by Widgren. Come through!

Fireproof Gallery
201 Randolph St NE
Knoxville, TN 37917
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM 

Bigfoot - Giant Robot SF

Giant Robot's new show, "Printed Matter," is opening this weekend at their gallery/store in San Fransisco. The reception will be held on Saturday, December 4, from 6:30 to 10:00 PM and the show will be up until January 12. Check out two prints on wood from Bigfoot amongst prints from a few other illustrators including Nick Arciaga, Apak, Matt Furie, Yellena James, Le Merde, and more.

Giant Robot 
618 Shrader Street
San Fransisco, CA 94117

Bigfoot, Urban Superstar: Italy

"MADRE and Napoli COMICON present Urban Superstar Show Festival, first edition of the first Festival that a Contemporary Art Museum dedicates in Europe to Underground Art, Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow Art and Urban Art, which are to say the new artistic currents which better represent the contemporaneity."

 Bigfoot will be featured in the group show portion of this arts festival which is titled, "Back From Black," and also has work from Jeremy Fish, Blu, Buffmonster, TokiDoki, and many others. It runs 'til the 14th of this month at the Madre Museum in Napoli, Italy.

Tonight: Bigfoot at Giant Robot SF

Tonight is the opening for Tree Show VI at Giant Robot SF - The reception will begin at 6:30 PM and run until 10:00 PM. There's a huge lineup of artists with work in this show, including Bigfoot, so make sure you stop by and check this out if you are in the Bay area...the show will be up until June 9th.

"Giant Robot is proud to present Tree Show VI. In the tradition of its predecessors, this group exhibition will feature arbor-inspired pieces by painters, illustrators, and other creators from street art, indie comics, printmaking, design, and crafty art backgrounds."


Bigfoot has been in the studio working hard a small painting for a group show in Portland at the Grass Hut gallery. The show is called "Balls Out" and will feature work from a ton of dope artists in addition to Bigfoot such as: Amanda Visell, Buff Monster, Cody Hudson, Dalek, Tim Biskup, and around 20 others. WOW! Not to be missed if you are up in the Northwest!!!


If you are in the Atlanta area this weekend, don't miss this small group show at Aurora Coffee Shop in Little Five Points. "The Wonderful World Of" will feature art from Infamous JeanClaude, Sean Fahie, and other artists from the Southeast.

"An art show that presents the world as it is from an artist perspective. What's the point you may ask? well because we live in a wonderful world full of different points of views, some we may or may not agree with. But instead of basing you judgments on what you've heard on CNN or Fox news or any "reputable/creditable" news source we would want to inform the viewer in getting to know an individual first, you can come to a more informed idea of who that person is, what truly represents them, and how that effects how they see others. With that being said. Each artist involved in the show is giving their view of what their wonderful world represents."

TOMORROW: "Duplicate of a Duplicate" Group Show in Charlotte

Lifted Lab, Black Sheep, and Culture Initiative present: "Duplicate of a Duplicate" in Charlotte, NC this Friday, January 15. This is a group show curated by Infamous JeanClaude and will be held at Black Sheep skate shop.

Duplicate of a Duplicate is a group show loosely based around the quote from Salvador Dali that says “What is a television apparatus to man, who has only to shut his eyes to see the most inaccessible regions of the seen and the never seen, who has only to imagine in order to pierce through walls and cause all the planetary Baghdads of his dreams to rise from the dust.”

For artists, there are many things that inspire them to create. From music to conversations, one little moment can spark an idea or image forcing an artist to quickly jot down that idea before they forget. Author David Bayles explains.” Imagination is in control (when creating)… the artworks potential is never higher than in the magic moment when the first brushstroke is applied.” Artists live in a world of spontaneity and inspired moments. Our ability to capture these moments gives us the unnatural ability to freeze time, something like a lens.

Our minds run as a fast pace that requires use to use them as cameras, duplicating these thoughts onto sketchbooks, computers, canvas, and print.


BlackSheep :1504 Camden Road, Suite 200|Charlotte, North Carolina 28203|704.333.1423