Bigfoot's Hawaii Vacation Via Innov8 Magazine Cover

Another magazine cover for Bigfoot as he daunts his leafboarding skills for the cover of Innov8 Magazine's latest issue:

"Anybody flying within the islands of Hawai'i in the next couple months? Well if you are take GO! airlines so you can get a copy of Innov8 magazine, the official magazine of Go! Airlines. Besides being Hawaii's newest active, sustainable, art and fashion lifestyle magazine,I did the cover of the November/December issue.Did you know there is snow in Hawai'i? I didn't. I was asked to come up with a composition integrating both snowboarding and surfing,so the cover was born,depicting my Bigfoot riding a leaf down from the snow covered mountaintop to the warm blue ocean,all in one magical motion.Something only a Bigfoot is capable of."

 Bigfoot always seems to bring forth his full flavor, character, and manifesto where ever he goes and it seems Innov8 Magazine found the perfect cover man to represent the environmental and progressive ideals the two share.  Great stuff!!!!

Find out more about Innov8 here:

Bigfoot Graces Cover Of TAOST Magazine's Premier Issue

The Art of Storytelling magazine has just been birthed out of New Jersey, focusing on street culture and art. Beginning originally as a DVD series, TAOST has evolved into print form and is expanding its voice.  

"Over the years street cultures have found common ground in the creative processes they use to help their respective cultures progress. Graffiti artists, skateboarders, BMX riders, hardcore bands, rappers, street wear companies and everyone in between have come together, borrowed from each other, helped each other grow and above all knocked down the barriers that once divided them. The idea of a “collective” was taken to new levels by our generation. The Art of Storytelling is a publication about the creative process behind street culture and the celebration of that collective relationship; period."

NJ homie, Bigfoot, takes the cover story and centerfold in the first-ever issue of the magazine. All 96 pages are filled with dopeness and features on other artists such as AEST, SUGA, and Derek Riggs. Cop an issue at your local bookstore today!