Widgren FSYC Photo Recap

Here are just a few pictures from last Friday at the Fort Sanders Yacht Club...Zach's final show in Knoxville for now. He leaves Tennessee to start fresh in New Orleans this week. We're excited for your growth and new opportunities, Zach!

Happy Birthday again to FSYC aka Barcade! You're a crucial cornerstone in Knoxville's obscure art scene.

New Work By Katy Smith

Katy Smith, Zach Widgren, and Katie Moseley



Captain Shirly In Action, Making Screen Prints

Barcade Anniversary & Widgren Art Show

 TONIGHT the Fort Sanders Yacht Club, AKA the beloved Barcade, will be having their four year anniversary party! It's hard to believe four year have passed already since this hole in the wall opened up and become our favorite place to have a low-key beer. The FSYC is still a secret to some, many people have no idea this dive bar lined with 25ยข throwback arcade games exists. 

Widgren at the Barcade in 2009

Zach Widgren is part of the OG Yacht Club Crew, and has helped them line their walls with local artists' work each month for First Friday. This has been a home base for Zach's art, too. It only seems appropriate for him to be displaying his work during the anniversary party. Alongside his paintings, local lovelies Katy Smith and Katie Moseley will be hanging their work as well. 

Zach has stated this will be his last art show in Knoxville for now, as he wishes to focus entirely on his new project and book, By The Way The Bird Flies. In just a few days, he'll be relocating to New Orleans, so make sure you swing through to send him off and show him some love! Through his many art shows, events, and founding the almighty Fireproof Gallery, Zach has really helped the art scene evolve in Knoxville. Cheers, Widgren!

The Barcade rules. They have around 70 different beers, bottles and draft. There is a secret special from 4pm-midnight, and they will be screen printing shirts for their loyal deckhands and shipmates. Bring it!

721 17th Street Knoxville, TN 37916
4 Year Anniversary Party
Friday, March 2, 2012

Zach Widgren Solo Show At Fort Sanders Yacht Club

Zach will be having his second solo show in Knoxville, TN on Friday October 2, 2009 at the Fort Sanders Yacht Club. The show, "Eat, Eat, Eat," will showcase his lastest mixed media works from Summer and Fall and will be part of Knoxville's First Fridays art crawl. The Yacht Club, actually a barcade, will feature the works for the month of October and pieces will be available for purchase at the bar. Stop in the FSYC, grab a beer, play an arcade game, and peep the lastest from Zach Widgren- you will not be disappointed.

Fort Sanders Yacht Club is located at 721 17th Street in Knoxville, TN.