Isaac Lin "Open Light" Interview

Philadelphia based artist Isaac T. Lin recently opened his new show, "Open Light," at RVCA SF. His paintings, drawings, and murals surround you in the space, and become psychedelically animated when seen through the 3-D glasses provided. 

Make sure to stop by and see the show (and large window display) while it runs through January 16th, 2015. 

1485 Haight Street 
San Francisco, CA 94117

Photos by Alán González and Katie Pilgrim

What inspired the title "Open Light" for the show?
I grew up in a bilingual home with my parents speaking in English and Mandarin Chinese. The Chinese phrase 'kai deng' means 'turn on the light' but in my mind the word for word translation would be 'open light'.
My studio in Philadelphia doesn't have any windows but that's why its cheaper per square foot! It can be cave-like. I am inspired by sunrise and sunset colors and perhaps subconsciously use colors to brighten my studio and keep the darkness at arms length.
What cartoons did you watch as a kid?

Looney Toons
Scooby Doo
The Pink Panther Show
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends
G.I. Joe
Garfield and Friends
Tranzor Z
Star Blazers

 Where did the idea for your signature pattern originate from?

As the lines are now, the process is more refined and controlled then how I first started discovering how to make them. I went to graduate school in SF at CCA in order to deconstruct my process of making paintings. I wanted a process that was more immediate and less predetermined but still within constraints. So by using a square brush, I started making paintings with layered squiggly marks. I like the idea of starting with a blank canvas and filling it with layered marks until it becomes like another empty surface. Since graduate school, the lines have become more refined and another systematic process. The lines are now like a camouflage environment where my paintings can live.