Bigfoot x Fulled Laced Hat Release

This Sunday, April 22, at DunkXChange San Francisco, BIGFOOT will be painting live and debuting his hat collab with Fully Laced. Check the preview of the snapback below (via Fully Laced). Heads up, SF! Very limited quantities of these. Jesse Hernandez/ Immortal Studios will also be painting live with Bigfoot. It's going down from 1pm - 6pm...sounds like a great opportunity to switch up the kicks, or cop some new ones, and check the latest from the one and only Bigfoot. 

Bigfoot x Vannen Watches

Bigfoot's latest collab: Vannnen Watches

The watch makers and taste makers at Vannen had to get Bigfoot on deck for some designs...

"Individually inspected, assembled and packaged by hand in Los Angeles, every watch is treated like a true piece of art. Designed by some of the world's best artists, Vannen creates wearable art that appeals to forward-thinking, style-conscious individuals while honoring the distinctive vision of our team of artists."

Infamous JeanClaude x Erick Arc Elliot

If you haven't checked out Erick Arc Elliot's "The Love In Us," then now is the time! A free download is available on his site,  Infamous JeanClaude designed the album art work for the first single, "Orbital," which is available on iTunes. Also in the works is a music video for the song, which will feature several thousand frames of animation from Infamous JeanClude...can't wait to see the finished product.

Infamous JeanClaude Collabo T-shirts featured in New NOTTZ Video

How dope is this? Watch the brand new NOTTZ video, "Shine So Bright," and be on the look out for dudes rocking the tees that Infamous JeanClaude designed for Dumskeme Clothing and Black Sheep skate shop a few months ago. Click back to our blog entry to see the full designs.

Download the song here.

Infamous JeanClaude x Dumskeme x Black Sheep

The new tee designs from Infamous Jeanclaude have officially dropped and are available exclusively at Black Sheep skate shop in Charlotte, NC (and in the near future). Three different designs, "Sheep Don't Sleep," "Infamous Noir I," and "Infamous Noir II" come in your choice of classic black, crispy white, and bold red. FRESH.

Sneak Peak: Infamous Jeanclaude x Dumskeme x Black Sheep

Infamous JeanClaude's latest collaboration is with Dumskeme clothing, whom he is teaming up with to produce an exclusive t-shirt series that will be available at Black Sheep skate shop in Charlotte, NC. The "You Should Know Better" tees will be available in December- here's a sneak peak look at the illustration design: 

Bigfoot x Stereo Sound Agency

Bigfoot never sleeps! His latest collaboration is with Los Angeles based skateboard company, Stereo Sound Agency, and features four unique decks and one tee. These Bigfoots are have a slightly different feel to them, birthed through pencil drawing rather than the usual paint or marker. They capture the personalities of the four skateboard pros behind Stereo Sound Agency and also were inspired by "street musicians, jazz, blues, and of course San Francisco." 

Available soon at Stereo Board shops.

Bigfoot x The North Face

Bigfoot's collaboration with The North Face finally dropped in Japan not long ago. The line features a hoodie, shell, tee, backpack, and duffel bag all adorned with unique Bigfoot designs. Everything looks absolutely dope...congrats!!!

A note from the foot himself:
"In this exclusive Bigfoot X The North Face collection the key elements are the classic silhouettes from The North Face,such as the Balaclava Hoodie and Venture shell jacket,combined with some of my most iconic symbols and illustrations,to produce a message of the power of nature.The concept behind the design of this collection is to produce articles to make the wearer feel like they have entered an enchanted forest sanctuary,where they can become a Bigfoot and hold the power of the green lightning.The connection between Bigfoot and The North Face is the exploration of nature.The Bigfoots are masters of the forest,and in order for humans to explore at least a small percent of the forest,the right clothing and gear is needed to endure the elements and bring people closer to nature.I see this collaboration as a great match up between me and The North Face.I am excited for the people to have pieces from this collection to cherish,that will last a long time,and to help them experience nature."