Celeste Byers “La Cabesa” Sculpture in Tulum Jungle

"Collaboration between Aaron Glasson and myself in the jungle of Tulum, México. Tulum was once a part of the Mayan empire but was one of the first points of contact for the Europeans who invaded and colonized Mexico. Our sculpture is based on a Mayan prophecy that says their ancestors are waiting underground for the right time when their ancient powers will return. We created one of the ancestors peeking their head up out of the ground. Vining plants will be planted around it so that eventually the head will have plants and moss growing on it. Our head was crafted by 11 talented artisans in just 4 days and you can find it at Holistika Tulum. Feel free to go hang out in it! It fits many people. Thank you Residencia Gorila, Tulum Art Club, and Luis' team of workers who kept us company in the jungle and tried to teach us some of their Mayan language". - Celeste Byers