"XXMII: Level Three" Photo Recap

"What's Really Going On: Shadow Light" Digital Media
On March 30, INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE debuted his latest body of work in a show titled "MMXII: Level Three." This was his first show in Nashville and was held at Love Is Earth lifestyle boutique. 

The vibe was great in the Love Is Earth Lounge and Kids Meal kept things lively all night on the turntables. Miyagi of Ziggurat Records was also in the house and dropped a live beat set.
We had a great turnout, thanks to everyone who came through and supported. Big up to all the young artists in the Nashville scene!

Here are some pix from the opening night:

"You Sure Love To Ball: Marvin" Digital Print

"Fantome de la Mer No. 2" Digital Print
"Fantome de la Mer No. 1" Digital Print

"Self and Thought" Acrylic on Canvas

"Malcolm" Acrylic on Canvas

"Thoughts From a Wanderer" Acrylic on Canvas
"Greet, Socialize, Exchange" Acrylic on Canvas

Miyagi on the MPC / Young Yeti Art Looking (photo: Creative Routine)

Flatbush Zombies Portraits

"Soul Vision"


Kids Meal on the Decks (photo: Creative Routine)