Infamous JeanClaude "MMXII: Level Three"

Infamous JeanClaude will be presenting his latest works in a show titled "MMXII: Level Three" at the end of this month at Love Is Earth boutique in Nashville, TN. This is his first show of 2012 and will be comprised of paintings and digital works.
"'MMXII: Level 3' is a show loosely based around speculations of 2012. These series of works are to explore fables, theories, stories on the ideas of the year 2012, my personal opinions, thoughts, and theories on the year, and its potential possibilities."
The show kicks off on Friday, March 30 at 6:00pm with an opening party where Infamous JeanClaude will be present. Ziggurat Records will also be in the shop rocking with us: MC Miyagi will be dropping a rare beat set, and Kids Meal will be making magic on those turntables as he is known to do!

"Flossed In Space"  Ziggurat Records Promo, Designed by Infamous JeanClaude
Big up Love Is Earth!  They are a crucial spot in downtown Nashville, stocking a nice selection of street wear brands plus their own label. They're holding down the local music scene, supporting artists, and creating conscious culture. Truly fresh! Join us in the boutique's downstairs art space as we kick off this well-suited show. If you miss the opening, make sure to swing through while the work is on display for the next month. 

Friday, March 30, 2012
6:00pm - 11:00pm
903 Church Street 
Nashville, TN  37203