Bigfoot: The Forest Warlord

Bigfoot recently revealed his latest creation, The Forest Warlord, a vinyl figure made with KusoVinyl. Pictured above is a hand-painted sample of the figure. Only 1,000 figures will be produced and made available in June or July exclusively through Bigfoot's website and KusoVinyl's online shop.

The inspiration for this figure of of course comes from Bigfoot's incessant mission of evoking the Earthly spirits to battle against human enterprises that jeopardize our natural environment. We love that Bigfoot uses his creative power to communicate relevant ideas. These days it is important to be conscious of who and what you support. Many companies don't have our best interest in mind. It's true, we all contribute to the balance of our, respect one another and RESPECT THE EARTH!
 "In the realm of the darkest dimension of magic and power of the earth's soil dwells The Forest Warlord. Since the dawn of prehistoric times a select few of the Bigfoot race were chosen by Mother Nature to become Forest Warlords, The ultimate guardians of the forest! Meditating for 20 million years in a secret forest fortress, a Warlord waits to emerge until humans encroach in the Warlord's sacred redwood territory. The Forest Warlords use nature magic from which they were born to teleport, time travel, control vegetation, communicate telepathically with plants and animals, and unleash thunder and lightning of fury against perpetrators.The Forest Warlord is the master of misanthropy and is here to right all wrongs. All construction companies, bulldozers, loggers, and their CEO's and puppets shall feel the wrath of The Forest Warlord."
The Forest Warlord stands 11" tall  and has moving arms. Earlier today, Bigfoot let everyone have a peek at this guy in action:

Keep rockin'....