Open Book Stockholm

While we were in Sweden last month, we had to opportunity to join a group that works on a project called Open Book. Each week in Stockholm, this assembly of artists, cartoonists, graffiti writers, and randoms gathers at local restaurant/bar for drinks and doodles. They grab a large table, with extra seats for curious drop-ins, and get to work, passing around several semi-filled black books. 

The idea is to doodle intuitively for about a minute, then pass it to the next person. Everyone draws in pencil, anyone can erase lines, and at the end of the night, you end up with some pretty interesting combos. For months, this process continues until books fill up and are then edited, colored, and published. The final product is funky and fun to flip through!

 The Open Book concept also takes place in  London, Barcelona, and Amsterdam. 

Published copies of the book may be purchased through Dokument Press with worldwide shipping available.

Thanks Jonas and Lucas!