Soulful Madness Photos

Soulful Madness opened with a record-breaking crowd this weekend in Uppsala. This traditional Swedish town has never seen a contemporary art show quite like this before, and people are really digging it. 

This was also the first time for Galleri Diana to have a live DJ at an opening, so the vibe was extra lively as people flowed in, drinks poured out, and pieces were bought up! 

Infamous JeanClaude received a warm welcome for his first international show, and Amara Por Dios proved to be a local favorite. Both artists exhibited pieces showing growth into their unique, yet complimentary styles of illustration and painting. 

The show remains on display at Galleri Diana until December 17. Congrats Amara and G! 

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Coming soon: Lifted Lab Podcast: Volume 1 with interviews from both artists.

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