Bigfoot Greens The Secret Garden

Bigfoot recently teamed up with our friends at The Secret Garden Collective in Los Angeles, CA to bless their space with some serious mural work.

The Secret Garden is a co-op of Cali growers who strive to bring top notch medicinal marijuana strains to the patients of their dispensary. Being an advocate of all things green, it made sense for Bigfoot to adorn the spot with his magical verdure and characters. In just a few days, he was able to transform the building into its proper self. If you've got your 215 card, make it a point to stop in The Secret Garden and kick it with Bigfoot while puffing tuff on some of the best buds and headiest hash of the West Coast (all in the name of healing and elevated inspirations, of course). Scroll down to see all of the wonderful pictures!

The Secret Garden Collective
5616 1/2 Kester Ave
Los Angeles, CA 91411
Open daily from 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Namaste, and welcome to the Secret Garden. 

A rare moment. Bigfoot working on a computer. 

Who goes there?

The password is: "Go Green"

Healing vibez.  

LTD screen prints
Green team.

Bigfoot, the Watcher.

Smokin' MAD trees.

Boglin rolling station and all. 

Fellow creatures.


A special thanks to our photographer: Brooklyn-based beauty,
Bailey Carr.