Widgren Knoxville Beautification Award

If we could nominate Zach Widgren with the City of Knoxville Beautification Award, we would. And you know what? Forget about it, we are just gonna go ahead and do our own version. Zach Widgren, you are being awarded with the biggest ups possible for contributing to the young artistic community and new contemporary art scene in Knoxville. You win the Beautification Award because your mural downtown is breathing new life into the city and leaving a vibrant new hallmark.

Zach's mural, which is continuously being added to, is located on the Fireproof Storage building in Downtown Knoxville at 201 Randolph Street. Check it out by cruising down Hall of Fame Drive or from I-40 just East of Downtown.

You can peep more pics of the mural HERE and check up on how it's progressing.