Hearts to Japan

 The natural disasters that occurred this month in Japan are extremely tragic and deeply saddening. With the escalating war, disaster, and destruction occurring world-wide, there is one huge light that shines through all of this: that is the unity which rises above all. Knowing that we are all human here on earth, and are in this together, we've got to support one another during hard times. Support can come in the strength of a friendship, vital food and medical sources, monetary aid, and most importantly through LOVE.

The positive energy and vibration that transmits from a loving notion can truly make an impact. Erick Arc Elliot has produced a track titled, "Hearts to Japan," in collaboration with TheLoveInUs that is available for free. Accompanying art work is designed by INFAMOUS JEANCLAUDE. Please take a listen, and while you do... 
donate your thoughts, prayers, and love to those in Japan.